How We Deal

Now, you have the ideal product in mind to purchase. While the big question mark remains over your head on how to finance it, we readily offer you few options.



Cash Term

You may pay through cash to enjoy the greatest discount on your purchase

3 payments

3-Month Installment Plan

With just a minimum deposit of one month payment, you are able to take home your purchase, now. The balance payment of two months will be collected on monthly basis the following months.


Longer Installment Plan

If you need longer installment period, we could accommodate up to 4-6 months to make your purchase easy on your cash flow.



We understand that not all occasions warrant you to purchase the products in need. For a temporary usage like participating in food fair or organizing a function, we could rent out our equipment for a minimal fee.

trade in

Trade In

We also do accept trade in for any of your existing steel products. And the best part is, you don’t necessarily have to make a purchase from us. We will pay you based on the current value of your steel products, depending on its condition.


Barter Trade

If you plan to upgrade or downgrade your kitchen, you may barter trade the equipment you no longer need with any of our products of the same value.