Owning a supermarket business can be a chosen career path to some or even a lifetime dream, maybe. Whatever the business size, be it a restaurant, café or even a small hawker stall, you will find us as the right partner to get it started.

Product Solutions

We have a wide range of kitchen equipment to help you starting a supermarket business. As a one-stop solution provider for kitchen equipment, it’s our wish to have your business off to a good start. And as such, our services also cover the much needed marketing and promotional solution to make your stall/premise attractive to customers.

For Example





Financial Solutions

We believe, getting kitchen equipment should not be such a financial burden to any new business. We offer very flexible financial solutions to accommodate your financial budget and operation requirements.

Cash Term 3-Month Installment Plan Longer Installment Plan Rental Trade In Barter Trade


Find out more about our payment terms.

We say, let’s start taking your business plan to the next level. If it’s your lifetime dream to own a supermarket business, together we can make it a reality.

Give us a call and our consultant will be ready to guide you through.
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Oh! Don’t forget to quote our website name to enjoy up to RM100 rebate on your purchase. Enjoy it. It’s our way of telling our future partners that ‘We Care’.


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